Farming the Sun The Newest Cash Crop

Dimension Renewable Energy, an experienced solar development firm, offers the financial benefits of a growing new market to land owners. You can be on the forefront of those who receive the steady, dependable revenues of a solar site hosting partnership. Whether the land is currently farmed, fallow or underused, a partnership with Dimension Renewable Energy can provide a steady stream of investment grade rental income for decades with little or no risk.

We work with you, your local utility, investment partners and other local partners to create an asset that provides clean renewable energy and steady revenues for 20 years or more. Our deep, global experience in creating high-performance solar sites can bring all these partners together for a dependable revenue-generating deal that will be the pride of your community.

Every day, sunlight bathes your land in pure, free energy. We can turn that resource into cash for you and clean, useful electricity for your entire community.

We have all the right expertise to design a solar partnership that makes your land more productive in every way than it is now. Here’s what a solar lease can do for you:

Young handsome farmer standing in wheat field with hands on hips and looking forward at sunset

Generate regular, dependable income

Leases typically run for 20-30 years, creating a fixed revenue stream throughout the lease duration. No other investment by the landowner is required. This income does not depend on market conditions or yield.

Lower risk

Once the lease is executed, the income stream will continue through the life of the project regardless of other variables including weather and market fluctuations.

Worker and foreman maintaining solar energy panel. Technicians checking equipment for solar energy station.

Provide top dollar

Lease rates on land being developed for solar exceed profits or lease values offered by nearly any other crop that land might produce

Free your time

Development, installation and maintenance of the solar equipment requires no engagement from the land owner. All you do is collect the income.

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Enhance Your Community

Not only does a Dimension Renewable Energy partnership provide clean, safe, affordable renewable energy your neighbors can buy, the solar improvements on your land also generate tax revenue the lease holder pays. These are dollars your local government officials can use to pay teachers, police officers or other public servants and maintain community infrastructure such as roads and water lines.

Find out more about our four-step process to lock in this revenue. Then, contact us to see if your land is right for solar.

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Land Identification

Our team excels at identifying the right marriage of project and land to maximize the value of space and renewable energy affordability for our virtual customers and landowner partners.