Site Acquisition

There is a new crop in town.

Earn extra money by leasing or selling a portion of your land, roof, or parking lot for a local distributed energy project. 

Peace of Mind

We take care of your land for the long haul.

Minimized Land Impact

Constructing a solar farm is similar to adding new fencing. We preserve your topsoil by driving piles into the ground and minimize the need for any concrete pads.

Pollinator Friendly

We plant pollinator-friendly and native plants below our solar farms to ensure that you have the foraging habitat, reproduction environment, and shelter for local species.

Quiet Operation

Our solar projects generate electricity with minimal noise, similar to a refrigerator, and only emit a light hum when you are close by.

grassy field
New York

Land Story: Duggan & Duggan

Hear from Kyle Duggan of Allegany, New York on why his family decided to work with Dimension Renewable Energy to lease a portion of his family business’ land for a local community solar project. Once complete in 2021, the output will serve local households in National Grid’s service territory with lower priced renewable electricity.

Sit back and relax

Our comprehensive process takes your solar farm from idea to completion.


Getting started is easy.

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